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Mark in Munich

What advice do you have for Americans seeking employment in Germany?

Public Relations has a very large impact in Germany. Mark had a lot to say about the job market in a large city like Munich. Famous musicians and actors are found throughout Munich constantly for numerous reasons, usually an event that they are part of. Restaurants and bars are very prominent throughout Germany. Hotels are almost constantly overbooked. Octoberfest too is a huge part of Germany’s culture and draws millions of visitors every year making headlines throughout the world.

What do you think is negative about American communication?

Mark had a very interesting perception of our mass communication culture. The media seems to be very involved in choosing a side and trying very hard to prove that they are what the masses should believe when what they are saying may not always be true. I’m sure everyone has watch CNN or FOX news stations which seem to both have completely different stories when talking about the same subject, it is kind of amusing. Mark feels that the average American would not be educated enough to Make his/her own decision about political decisions and would most likely go with the information they found watching television or listening to the radio, rather than trying to find truth and make an educated decision. Mark also spoke about the reality television that is so prominent in America, he says that Germany does not care about what someone else’s life is like, they find this information useless. I agree Mark I hate reality television.

What publications do you read in Germany?

Let me just start by saying that Mark is what American’s might call “fly.” He chooses to read GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly) and finds that the production is very skewed based on where it is being sold. He really enjoys reading the information about what is popular in American culture, German culture, and European culture in general. Mark finds that in Germany GQ might have an entirely different idea about what is trendy or popular than what America thinks. He stated that when he went home this past summer and purchased a GQ in Germany, after buying the American GQ he found striking differences in the subject matter. This is interesting, it shows how popular trends are accepted by different cultures.

What is different about tennis in the United States than in Germany?

In Germany people still like to think of tennis as a classic sport, that involves tradition and pride. The sport is still very competitive and requires a lot of skill to succeed but all the less still a way to enjoy yourself. Mark made sure to say that this is not unlike the United States, however there are still differences in the tennis culture in America. Mark plays for the team at Georgia Southern University and has a ton of talent. He feels that the innovations in equipment technology have brought tennis to a whole new level. He believes that tennis is much more like a show, or a product to be sold rather than a humble tradition. Mark claims that dedication seems stronger in Germany than it does in the states. He made sure to say that he knows plenty of Americans who had proven him wrong on this matter, but he sees the big picture this way.

How did you feel initially when you moved to an entirely different culture?

Mark claimed that he felt very comfortable. In Germany most people speak English his communication boundaries would not be an issue. The states are seen as a very big deal in Europe and he wanted to embrace moving here to go to college. Mark finds that Hollywood, Las Vegas, and New York all seemed very interesting to him moving from Munich, Germany. I have to say, I’m just as interested in Munich after speaking with Mark.

What surprised you about cultural differences b/w America and Germany?

Americans are much more open and welcoming. In Germany people are not necessarily mean or hateful but would rather be truthful when interacting with one another. Mark claimed that Americans are not very truthful in face, meaning that their true emotions is not their strong suit. In Germany if people do not like you, you will be told just  that. It is not considered disrespectful or rude but considered normal. Lets face it, Mark and I live in the South, as do the students in my class; this can be a difficult place to transition to if these are the cultural characteristics you are used to.

What is your view of business in Germany?

Germany is very resourceful and plays a large role in global business. Munich has the 14th busiest airport in the world. Hamburg is an impressive transportation port. The amount of business being done in Germany is infinite. The people of Germany see their country as “The Engine of Europe,” and have found that their presence is very important.

How does the media operate in your country?

The media is much less discerning when it comes to covering events that occur in Germany. They will openly lash out against politicians and leaders. Openly demanding answers and verbally abusing public figures is not rare in Germany. People want to know the truth and not been left wanting answers. Mark feels like the media is very different in Germany and for their culture it works well.

I would like to first thank Mark Paetz for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with me. I enjoyed speaking with him and learned a lot about a foreign culture.  I appreciate the cultural differences more now and I have a stronger understanding of how media operates outside the states. Once again, thank you Mr. Mark Paetz.

Mark’s Georgia Southern Profile can be found here:

-Casey Sherwin


The Eagle Print Shop. I have learned that there is a very useful tool on campus at Georgia Southern University. However, I regret that I have spent four years as a student here, and just before I graduate I am just now being introduced to the Eagle Print Shop. How I have made it this far without the help of the Eagle Print Shop Im amazes me.

The Eagle Print Shop may have been hiding from me before my participation in a publications course, but no longer is that the case. They have an assortment of sizes, colors, and prices that will fit any students budget. I most recently received a quote from the Eagle Print Shop to help with the development of literature that will be used at the restaurant I work at. The Eagle Print Shop is not just for students!

The Eagle Print Shop has moved to their new location in Centennial Place on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Forrest Drive. We are convienently located across from the University Bookstore and the Russell Union. For directions on where to park or how to find us please call us at 912-478-5697.

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

The Eagle Print Shop services include regular copies, color copies, class notes, FAX service, lamination, screen printing, Georgia Southern business cards, name badges, banners & posters. Supplies such as scantrons, blue books, pens and pencils are also available.

Presentations can be covered and bound in plastic (Cerlox) binding or coil binding – the newest process available, machine binding with cloth tape as part of the copying process.

Also available is one- or two- color commercial printing on a variety of special order papers in custom weights and sizes, using Pantone Matching System (PMS) ink colors and quality typesetting and composition.

So there you have it folks, if you are looking to have your documents prepared professionally and for a good price, look no further. Head on overt to the Eagle Print Shop!

Georgia Southern University is truly an incredibly diverse educational institution located in Statesboro, Ga. The university has an array of different cultures that come together to make up the 19,000+ students, and 1600+ faculty members. Our student body is composed of many people who have traveled from abroad to study here, or simply have been raised in a unique surrounding different than most American teenagers. The university strives to bring everyone together through the use of diversity events, multicultural programs, diversity educations, and the minority advisement program. The GSU Multicultural Student Center states clearly the intentions of the organization in their mission statement:

The Multicultural Student Center supports Georgia Southern University’s greater mission to support cultural diversity. The department is designed to educate and celebrate the cultural diversity of students, staff and the Georgia Southern community. This is accomplished by cultivating leaders who value civility, problem solving and heritage. The Multicultural Student Center also promotes a fulfilling and comprehensive college experience which encourages social responsibility, student learning, and personal well-being obtained through cultural opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. These include a series of support services, programs and activities that foster inclusion and pluralism.

The Goals of the Multicultural Student Center are:

  • Foster developmental opportunities for all students regardless of their ethnic background or national origin.
  • Advocate and promote the cultural, personal, social, intellectual and leadership development of all its students.
  • Cultivate a spirit of partnership between underrepresented populations and the university administration.
  • Provide opportunities for the campus community to celebrate diversity.
  • Support the university’s goal of maintaining a diverse student body through recruitment and retention initiatives

The university has a responsibility to the students. They must study the complexities of the student body and create meaningful initiatives that focus on the greater good of our diverse community. The international films, international coffee hour, and international festival are great examples of how Georgia Southern celebrates diversity on-campus and in the local setting.

Georgia Southern has a multiple centers on campus that focus on the study of international cultures. They include the Center for Africana Studies, Center of Irish Studies, Center for Women and Gender Studies, and the Center for International Studies.


Here is a link to popular sciences website. The subject is the Bahrain World Trade Center. I’m watching discovery channel and the engineers working on this project had on hell of a task to tackle. The building is self powered by its own turbines, very cool! The buildings are shaped like sails on a boat in order to take full advantage of the wind from all directions. Check this website out to see pictures and read more…

Casey Sherwin

This a wonderful tool for mass communication. Check it out.

Casey Sherwin