After watching a short 25 minute video of Dr. Nixon’s interview with Martin Waxman, a PR practitioner and so much more from Canada I have a lot to talk about regarding PR. Mr. Waxman is the Owner/Co-Foudner of Palette Public Relations Inc. He has an extensive history in the PR field and his interview with Dr. Nixon provided our class with a multitude of useful information.

Mr. Waxman focused on the necessary tools used to be a successful PR practitioner. He mentioned understanding social media and how it works. That tools like Twitter and blogs are useful in the field so practitioners can communicate with large groups of people rapidly to provides results. He discusses students digital footprint and how much larger they are becoming because of such social media outlets.

Mr. Waxman took time to focus on his hiring policies. In other words he described what he looks for when a potential employee applies to work at his firm. He stressed the importance of keeping up with the communication world and understand what large media providers are saying. It is important to know how to use tools like Twitter and blog sites but previous history is not necessarily mandatory. He wants to know that his employees have sound basic skills that will help them succeed in the PR field. If you are constantly making grammatical or syntax errors in writing it is not likely that you will find yourself working for Mr. Waxman. All understandable characteristics when you plan to practice a profession that will always involve strong writing skills.

Dr. Nixon and Mr. Waxman’s interview is available under the link provided below-


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