This weeks topic is focused on discussing recent PR grads next moves. After graduating with a Public Relations degree one must either join the work force or eat Ramen noodles for the rest of their life. I think a recent graduate in these times should be satisfied with a position in either forum. However, it is still useful to understand the differences between both so you can make a healthy decision about your future.

Public Relations firms are business set up for the sole purpose of contracting for Public Relations services. The company is hired by another party to provides sound Public Relations advice/work for the client. This is a great place to begin your career if you want to deal strictly with PR. The alternative is working in a PR department. A PR department is located internally within an existing firm and provides useful PR services for the good of the company as a whole. The most important aspect of an internal PR department is to provide the boss with some sort of proof the the PR service has a beneficial impact on the bottom line. PR is often looked at as unnecessary or expendable when it comes time to cut costs, so in the event that these times occur the PR department must be able to prove their worth.

Here are links to two websites that make understand PR firms and departments easier. Good luck with your job hunt and career as well.

1. Wikipedia Describes PR

2. The Best Site for PR Practitioners to Know

PRSA is the ultimate tool in PR. The organization provides members with all the tools they need to become strong practitioners. Their website is the portal through which to find all these tools.

This has been Casey Sherwin with the TOW.