Commenting on blogs is something that I used to hate doing. That is until I started to post more and more blog posts of my own. These blog posts regularly we not being viewed by my peers or anyone else for that matter. I decided that if I wanted people to read my blog more and more I should pay other bloggers the same respect. So I began to read more blogs written by authors other than myself. The math is simple. The more I pay attention to others work, the more I can expect others to pay attention to my work.

Effective blog comments come in many forms. However, I think it is important to be truthful. Tell the author how you really feel about their work and why. It is not helpful to read a comment that is completely fabricated for the purpose of pleasing the author. They would likely not return the favor. I also think that a comment should include some useful information that you learned from reading the authors post, so you can show that you took a sincere interest in the information.

I’m including two links that I found interesting. They provide useful information for bloggers who want to understand the process of commenting more effectively.

1. Traffic Via Blog Comments

An interesting blog post that provides readers with useful information about why commenting effectively can boost traffic to your blog. If you spend the time to read the information and comment on the post thoroughly with attention to detail you can expect to see a return on your time investment.

2. 10 Reasons Commenting is Good for Bloggers

This blog post has a list of reasons why commenting is an important part of blogging. The list includes reasons such as: It is the right thing to do, as well as you get what you put in.

This has been Casey Sherwin with the TOW.