Le scaphandre et le papillon aka The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, is a unique story told with incredible artistic motives. A French film about Jean Dominique Bauby, the late editor of Elle. Tragically paralyzed after suffering a terrible stroke, Bauby was further diagnosed with “locked-in syndrome.” Bauby is aware and awake, but can no longer communicate using traditional means. He is forced to communicate with a series of blinks which parallel the alphabet and in turn can be used to form words.

The film itself was very interesting. The French culture was clearly identified and I felt it gave an accurate representation of the Bauby’s experiences. I have not had the pleasure of visiting France, but  I have studied French language and a small amount of French history. I think the characteristics of French society were accurately portrayed given the fact that the story is entirely about a French citizen.  This film says a lot about the importance of family and wholesome living, as Bauby was cut off from his family in a sense. His methods of communicating had to be completely revamped for both his family and himself. The film reminds me of Helen Keller, or Christopher Reeve.

I was glad to have the privilege of attending this unique screening. I would definitely attend this event again, however I would want to bring more people along with me. I have looked into other films by director Julian Schnabel. He has directed films such as Berlin, and Before Night Falls.