Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type. There are numerous factors that a practitioner must account for when planning to create a new publication. The most important factor is how to effectively target your specific market or public. As  I stated in a recent post the publics can be segmented into smaller sub-categories that allow an artist to devise a specific plan to meet the needs of a particular public.

Typography can be an effective tool if used properly. An artist can spend all their time creating a radiant, eye catching design, but if the publication doesn’t capture the attention of the intended audience than it is useless. This is when selecting certain fonts, type sizes, and type designs can help turn an average publication into a remarkable one that proves effective in the end.

A few tips on creating business cards and brochures. When creating business cards choose fonts that will properly convey your companies message, and help the public remember your company by it’s characteristics. When creating brochures you must effectively communicate the message you are intended by choosing proper fonts and colors.

Check out this website to find creative, effective new fonts that you probably have not seen before:


This website is really cool! One can choose from many categories such as Fancy, foreign Look, Gothic….

If you have a Mac here is how you install new fonts:


If you have a PC here is how you install new fonts: