After completing “The Language of the Image” a short web based course offered on News University , I have a new found outlook on photographic images. When using images in publications there are multiple guidelines that must be followed in order to ensure the success of your hard work. Photography can be used in order to add emphasis to your literature by empowering people to feel and think in the moment. Emotions can be induced for the best possible reasons. In a news article detailing the disastrous effects of hurricane Katrina, helping the reader to truly understand the circumstances and feel the emotions the author intended. When you were a child images were everything, they made books interesting and fun. The same goes for publications today. We find ourselves diving into images filled publications without evening knowing it; our contact with magazines, newspapers, and image littered advertisements is almost second nature.

The lesson focuses on how to use the correct image for the right reasons. Planning your selections around the importance of lighting, layering, and composition should be your ultimate goal.

After enrolling in this online course I have been reacquainted with a familiar friend… “pictures,” however this time I have looked through a different looking-glass and seen how images should be used for effectiveness.  I have a clearer understanding of the science of graphic design. I plan to put the knowledge I have acquired through this lesson in the future when I find myself using images for publications purposes.

I enjoyed the lesson offered and would return to the website for further research.   I would like to learn more about the in-depth process of the photography profession. I find myself looking at the world we live in a little different after studying how capture images have such a strong impact on people.

Casey Sherwin