In my International Public Relations course we had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Richard Bailey of the United Kingdom via Skype. Mr. Bailey is a seasoned communications specialist who teaches his trade to others. He is the public relations lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University,a tutor at PR Academy, and the Senior Lecturer at University of Gloucestershire.

This past Thursday, November 3rd Mr. Bailey spoke to our class about the complexities of communicating across cultural boundaries. He focused on the importance of clearly understanding the individuals you are trying to communicate with. This is important in the practice of International PR because making unhealthy communication mistakes could ultimately lead to the failure of your campaign. Mr. Bailey gave plenty of insight on the histories that have molded cultures to be so very different. He made sure to point out that all people come from different backgrounds so in order to succeed you must find commonalities that link you and your audience. The presentation was altogether very interesting and would have only been more effective if the long distance connection was stronger. Thank you very much Mr. Bailey. I look forward to learning more from you in the future.

Richard Bailey can be found on Linked In at:

You can read his blog as well as post about the discussion he had with our class here:

Casey Sherwin