This is a TOW about a week of Twitter that I completed for my Intro to Public Relations course.

You can find me on Twitter @CaseySherwin

I was first introduced to Twitter by Dr. Barbara Nixon. The website is incredibly useful for students and businesses as well. It is a great way to keep in touch with your network of customers, friends, and/or clients. Twitter provides its customers with a useful communication tool allowing communicators to master rapid fire updates of their daily actions, meet people all over the world and keep in touch with them.

I enjoyed using twitter more thoroughly and I have begun to understand why it is such a success. I understand how to communicate on Twitter now, when before I was lost and confused. I have seen handfuls of news reports about Twitter via newspapers, the internet, and television. The Twitter experience is growing rapidly. I believe it will be another Facebook look alike before we all now it. I have found a few surprises using Twitter, I found a mixologist in Portland, Oregon who I have learned a good bit from. His blog is located at His blog is very interesting, and given we both bartend I really enjoy reading his blog.

Three PR professionals that I would suggest future PR wannabees to hookup with are:

Ike Pigott: @Ikepigott- He’s a communications professional with a lot to say.

Barbara Nixon: @Barbara Nixon- She is the wonderful teacher who inspired our class to engage in the use of Twitter, without her I would most likely not know that Twitter even exists.

Brett Pohlman: @BrettPohlman- He’s a communications specialist that emphasizes social media in his PR career.

Week of Twitter TOW

Thank you,

Casey Sherwin