Hello my name is Casey Sherwin. I recently interviewed a PR professional for a nightclub in Manhattan. She and I discussed her likes and dislikes in the PR field. She told me that her job is very exciting because she gets to spend time with famous people at the nightclub. She made sure that names were left out of the interview. The following are events that she gets to attend: Private parties, large bottle service events, grand openings for businesses and other various special events. The nightclub she works for is very exclusive and requires a lot of close attention to detail. She enjoys following the everyday events and ensuring the proper public opinion of the nightclub. I asked her what her favorite part of her job was and she told me that she enjoyed writing press releases for the nightclub and attending the events she writes about in order to have extensive knowledge of the cases she is discussing. She is young and assertive. She works with a lot of young people who are all doing the same thing so she can go to them when she has questions. She can collaborate with them when she needs help and most importantly they can cross-check their work with eachother. She said the job is very exciting and requires a lot of attention. She sometimes gets frustrated and has difficulty dealing with the stress that is related. I would like to thank her for her time and hope to discuss PR with her in the future.

Posted by Casey Sherwin